mini project : 5 artworks in 5 days

Inspired by the talented American artist Emily Jeffords recent project to create 30 artworks for her 30th birthday I decided to create my own mini project of starting 5 artworks in 5 days.

Another Mountain Haze 2

My daughter had recently turned 5 so this was a number I was being reminded about daily so it seemed like an achievable goal and having recently returned from holiday I was keen for a new challenge.

I constantly seek to push and develop my style every time I create art but I felt the flow of creating had become automatic and the element of surprise and experimentation was lacking. Sometimes when you create a work that you’re really happy with you ache to create that again but the secret lies in not so much wanting but more in letting it appear.  I know that for me creativity leads to heightened creativity so if I only could get stuck into a project without a perceived outcome that I would be able to immerse myself in creating and therefore just being.

If you stop wanting something so badly and just accept and allow it to, well, it kind of just happens.

Another Mountain Haze

Black mountain

Mt Roy reflections

Mt Roy

These are the 5 artworks some of which I have developed further since this little art challenge. Some of them will be available in my shop soon, please contact me if you’d like to see the finished works before they are available for sale.

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